My Happy Friday + HSM3


Struggling with mtgs and works lately made my week so dull and stressful..but today so not  like the past few days, i managed to spend my  ‘precious’ lunchtime by watching movie..yeay!!

We’ve decided to watch High School Musical 3 instead of James Bond (we like both actually) since i’m HSM big fan and we don’t want to watch heavy movie.

Event cronology:

12.15 pm (sharp) – we (me + my colleague) went down to Mid Valley GSC and queing for tickets.

12.30 pm – managed to get HSM3 tickets.

2.15 pm –  walking out from GSC with smile. Its a very cool movie ~ blowing my heart & mind away remembering the good old times at UTM (ngehngehngehh..cintan cintun time with my hubby)

2.25 pm – queing (again?) for our lunch at McDonald’s & i got myself a Madagascar 2 Mc Shaker set. yum..yum.

2.45 pm – already at my ofis & continuing my works (Wow! how effective i’m today. ngehngehngeh..)

Conclusions- 5 stars to HSM3 for the light & easy yet entertaining & wonderful movie plots & songs. I have a good time today!!!


3 Responses to “My Happy Friday + HSM3”

  1. Farid Abu Talib Says:

    saya baru selesai menonton filem wayang. sebuah filem seni – wayang kulit. kahkahkah. kasihan filem melayu tidak mendapat pembelaan. kahkahkah.

  2. Nisa Says:

    bukan tiada pembelaan..cuma rasa mcm kurang berbaloi bila beli tiket tapi outcomenya hancusss… (berckp mengikut pengalaman..huhu). except filem puteri gunung ledang..not that bad.

  3. piji Says:

    erm…setuju ngn kaklong..bkn x nk dah bnyk kali bg chance kt crite mlayu…tp ade beberapa je yg boleh wat kite tersenyum ble kluar panggung….

    yg lain…

    tp xde la nk kate semua crite luar tu bagus, ade jgak yg cm ape jumlah crite yg teruk begitu sedikit kalo nk dibandingkn ngn crite mlayu….
    mungkin disbbkn bajet filem m’sia ni kecik kot…..

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